Walawaani / Welcome to ART MONTH Sapphire Coast!

The ART MONTH Sapphire Coast (AMSC) festival is set again in 2022, to ignite the senses and excite the mind bringing you the most exciting contemporary visual art, dance, theatre and music on offer. Add in an Art Fair, our incredible network of hospitality offerings and accommodation providers, all taking centre stage on the gloriously icy Sapphire Coast and we have a winter festival that's worth escaping to.

Our winter festival has been built to showcase the breadth and depth of artistic talent here in the South East NSW. We welcome all to explore, discover and celebrate the rich diversity of talent on offer within our rich creative region.

The arts defines us, challenges us, sustains and inspires us - AMSC is for everyone and is about culture, community and collaboration. On behalf of the Art Month Sapphire Coast team, we welcome you to the glorious Sapphire Coast this August.

Iain Dawson
Art Month Sapphire Coast | MOTEL Art Fair | Bega Valley Regional Gallery
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